Monday, May 25, 2009

January Reflection 2009

E2T2 notes re monthly meetings/classes.
5. January 24 2009.

This will be brief because most of the day was getting organized for our conferencing re presentations & it had to be arranged via a tutor & 'Elluminate' application.

The morning included a good discussion about "access" to sites & sources through the Internet. Again, not only a reminder about keeping our students informed & forearmed but remember as the educators we are responsible & accountable.
Another part of the morning was a good reminder from Chris about a major theme of our course - the aim of being technology leaders. How do we connect with our peers effectively?

Some more questions & understanding re summer session June & who is involved/invited.

Most of the afternoon was then exploring what can be expected with our projects, the means for preparing with consulting Nancy Goldberg.
And then some practical walkthroughs & reflection exercises for our ways of constructing our public presentations.


keith said...

do you still check this?

keith said...

a more usefull question would have been is there a way to communicate with you?

email or standard pen and paper